Ground Penetrating Radar Locates Unmarked Graves

When the property owner needed to locate unmarked graves on the property to satisfy city requirements he knew he needed to use Ground Penetrating Radar to get it done. The property owner had been researching the properties history but was unsure how accurate the records on the property were and did not want to disturb any grave sites while putting in an access road. Ground Penetrating Radar is a nondestructive means to locate all types of underground anomalies and provide an accurate depth so that nothing is disturbed during digging.

Regional Director Jamey Harmon was able to assist them in locating the grave sites throughout the property. GPRS, LLC was able to come to the sites and mark out all findings directly onto the surface with the depth in a matter of hours. With Ground Penetrating Radar we were able to locate approximately 25 unmarked graves. This allowed the property owner to continue with his project without any delays.

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