Utility locate for soil borings in West Virginia

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. (GPRS) was recently hired by a local West Virginia contractor to utility scan for soiling borings. The scope of work was for 4 total potential borings at 2 national fuel station branches. The work was done in conjunction with a vacuum excavation crew, a drilling company, and the general contractor. GPRS would scan to clear the borings first, followed by the subcontracted drill team to core through the asphalt. Finally, the vacuum excavation to remove soil in various levels for the general contractor to take samples. The samples taken would provide vital environmental information for installing new replacement fuel tanks in the future.

After the site overview, we began by marking out each scan area. This allows the client to have confidence in being able to move each potential location, if needed, knowing these areas were thoroughly scanned. Secondly, having a visual of the scan area. We then began EM scanning with radio detection equipment, meticulously scanning with all methods available. We then setup our GPR (ground penetrating radar) unit. The unit used on site was a 3000 SiR with a 400 mHz antenna. By way of our equipment and the procedures in place, we were able to successfully find known and unknown utilities within these areas. During the course of the shift, we successfully located utilities in the surrounding areas of the potential borings.

The four vent pipes connected to the underground fuel tanks

(marked in yellow) shown how EM scans in combination with GPR allowed the general contractor to receive the samples needed in a congested area. The electrical duct bank located (marked in red) made this window for excavation even smaller.

Once GPRS completed each boring, the safest location to drill was able to be determined. Pictured to the left was the successful core drill without damage to the surrounding utilities.

We advised the client on safer areas to move the locations to avoid these utilities within the scan boundaries.

This not only could this have saved the client from any damage to conduits and piping, but also very health hazardous situations.

The same plan was executed for all 4 borings in both locations without issue. Full comprehension and teamwork from all parties involved. Starting with the pre-job brief, continuing with job safety analysis, and having an excellent understanding of the plan, allowed this job to be safe and successful.

Prior to breaking any ground, have GPRS locate the utilities on site. Create a safer workplace for you and your employees. Contact Shaun Lucas, 412.852.3093 or , for your next project.

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.